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I have been kindly invited to perform at Bang The Bore's upcoming event at Café Kino in Bristol, on the 8th of October.

Full details of the event available HERE.

Jude Cowan Montague -

Poulomi Desai -

Aiste Noreikaite -

Greta Pistaceci -

This event is part of the Sonica Found Music™ July residency at New River Studios. We believe in the evolutionary, psychological and consciousness-raising possibilities of sound awareness. Our mission is to turn people on to the magic and power of sound - in all its forms. Turn on, tune in, jump through

Listen live on Sonica.FM.

More details on flyer below.

I am proud to announce I will be taking part in the excellent Oscillations improvised music festival taking place continuously at Iklektic Art Lab during the weekend of the 19th-21st of June.

I will be perfroming on the 21st at 10pm. Full programme and list of incomparable performers below.

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