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The Horse Box CD 2 launch

I am very happy to announce that I will be taking part remotely (through streaming video) in the below event, celebrating the release of the double CD compilation album Horse Box Vol. 2, now out on Shrike Records

IKLECTIK presents,

The Horse Box CD II Launch

15-16 December 2021 | 7:30pm [7pm doors] – Open till midnight!

1 Day ticket: £8 Advance / £12 General Admission

Two evenings of improvised music, featuring musicians from The Horse Box CD II.

Wednesday 15th Greta Pistaceci (streamed solo theremin) Caroline Kraabel (solo alto sax) Martin Hackett (synth), Emil Karlsen (drums), Laura Hills (piano) Neil Metcalf (flute), Simon Picard (tenor sax), Alex Macguire (piano) Luigi Marino(electronics), Mandhira de Saram (violin) Emil Karlsen (drums), Adrian Northover (saxes), Jackie Walduck (vibraphone), Phil Durrant (electronics)

Thursday 16th Andrea Pensado (voice +electronics) Daniel Thompson (guitar), Steve Noble (drums) Steve Beresford (piano), John Butcher (tenor, soprano sax), Mark Sanders (drums) Kay Grant (voice), Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet), Dave Fowler (drums), Douglas Benford (melodica, objects) Sue Lynch (tenor sax, clarinet), Mimi Kobayashi (piano), Dave Tucker (guitar), Adam Bohman (amplified objects)

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