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'Oooh' Free-Improv Festival

I will be playing at the Oooh festival in Ragusa, Italy.

The festival runs from the 21-23rd of July.

More info to come.

'Oooh' Festival Lineup:

Miriam Siebenstädt - Sax (Germany)

Daniele Lo Re - Guitar (Italy)

Rick Jensen - Sax (UK)

Trevor Brown - Sax (Australia)

Illi Adato Sound Art - ElectroAcoustic Rig (UK)

Salvoandrea Lucifora - Trombone (Italy)

Paolo Bellofiore - Trumpet (Italy)

Gabriele Arcangelo GaBa Scalici - Keyboard (Italy)

Greta Pistaceci - Theremin (IT/UK)

Danio Catanuto - Keyboard (IT/Spain)

Craig Cigar Tamlin - Drums (UK)

Norbert R. Stammberger - Sax (Germany)

Alessandro Vicard - Double Bass (IT/Austria)

Esad Halilovic - Drums (Serbia/Austria)

Ulf Mengersen - Double Bass (Germany)

Luc Houtkamp - Sax (Holland)

Elise Lorraine - Voice (UK)

Tommaso Vespo - Keys (Italy)

Si Paton - Bass (UK)

Roy Amotz - Flute (Israel)

Antonio Longo - Drums (Italy)

Gülşah Erol - Celo (Turkey)

Dario Chillemi - Guitar (Italy)

Gandolfo Pagano - Prepared Guitar (Italy)

Fabrizio Elvetico - Electronics (Italy)

Rossella Cangini - Voice (Italy)

Walburga Walde - Voice (Germany)

Antonio Aiello - Bass (Russia)

Special Feature Sets by:

Nero Diaspora - Gandolfo Pagano - Prepared Guitar, Fabrizio Elvetico - Electronics, Rossella Cangini - Voice

Dush Connection featuring Trevor Brown - Max Tschida - piano

Alessandro Vicard- duble bass & Esad Halilovic - drums

Daytime Workshops:

Saturday 11:30 - 13:00 - Voice Lab - Elise Lorraine

Saturday 15:00 - 18:00 - Constellations for Artists and Performers - Illi Adato

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