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Ingrid Plum's Taut

I was invited to contribute a score to Ingrid Plum's project Taut. Taut will take the shape of a performance, a live recording release, and a book. Details about the performance (on the 11th of March) below:

"Inspired by studying with Meredith Monk, Taut features scores by Graham Dunning, Helen Frosi, Kelly Jayne Jones, Tania Chen, Stephan Barrett, Iris Garrelfs, Jez Riley French, Nick Hudson, Kev Nickells, Bobby Barry, Lisa Busby, Lia Mazzari, Greta Pistaceci & Timothy Thornton performed by Ingrid Plum. Pushing contemporary music notation to new horizons the 14 scores commissioned by Plum encompass classical notation, photography, poetry, embroidery, painting and more. This is Plum's most challenging work yet as a singer and an improviser.

This performance will be a rare chance to see all the compositions performed in their entirety and it will be recorded live, becoming the album itself. Taut will be released in June with a book of the scores featuring interviews with the artists involved.

Ingrid Plum:

'Gorgeously atmospheric vocal techniques woven around field recordings & electronics' - The Guardian

Plum uses her voice with extended technique, improvisation, field recordings and electronics, to create layered soundscapes, spoken word and songs. Having performed and exhibited installation sound art and visual art since 2002, she creates work that sits between sound art, improvisation, multi-media installation, neo-classical and contemporary Nordic folk music."

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