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Club Integral presents "The Anthropocene"

I have been invited to play at Club Integral tonight at the Others. I will be playing a solo improvised set, as well as a collaborative set with Zon On N.

Full info below:

Club Integral presents "The Anthropocene"

Zon On N, Greta Pistaceci, Bad Punk DJs Johnny Brown & James Stephen Finn (Band of Holy Joy) plus visuals by Inga Tillere

Compere - Howard B Triangle

Friday 25th March

at The Others, 6 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London N16

Entry £5/£3

Doors from 8.30 pm


Zon-On-N is a long term, ocassional group collaborative association of Mario Radinovic and Howard Jacques. They create live electronic zoning and droning trance meditative exploratory improvised music. Mario Radinovic (Oscillators and multiple effects units) is a London-based musician with a keen interest in frequencies and their effect on human body and mind.

Howard Jacques (Consumer Synthesizer Modules and electronic effects) is a musician interested in surreal terrain.

Greta Pistaceci

Greta Pistaceci is a multidisciplinary artist and improviser. In her musical performances, be they solo or group improvisations, she is equally at home in unrestrained noise and excess as in sparse, contemplative and controlled sound. For this low-key performance she will improvise using theremin and loops.

Bad Punk (Resonance fm)

Johnny Brown & James Stephen Finn of Band of Holy Joy step out of the radio studio to unleash their sonic wares on an unwary public.

Inga Tillere.

Inga, longtime collaborator with Johhny Brown, is a Latvian-born London-based visual artist working with photography and film.

Your compere for the evening is Howard B. Triangle who is co-producer of The Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts for Resonance104.4FM, a London community arts radio station.

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