Alterations Limited Edition Box Set

I was invited to contribute a piece of writing to the booklet included in the box set release of 4 previously unreleased recordings of the legendary improvisation group Alterations (Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack, Terry Day, David Toop).

The box sets come highly recommended - Alterations are a truly unique group and a personal favourite of mine.

From the Unpredictable website:

Alterations Limited Edition Boxset

Every boxset contains 4 previous unreleased albums of Alterations plus a booklet and 5 postcards with work of Terry Day and photographs of Gerárd Rouy. Every box is unique, designed and handmade by Blanca Regina.


Compilation 1979-1985 / Total CD 01:05:49.08

Live at Arts Theatre Club 1986 / Total CD 00:54:58.08

Live at Frankfurt 1983 / Total CD 00:59:50.20

Live at Iklectik, London 2015 / Total CD 01:04:15.17

Sound mastering by Dave Hunt.

Cd screenprinted covers printed by Blanca Regina



Prologue by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina

Where Is the Straw People? David Toop

Into the mix by Terry Day

Atmospheres morph by Dave Hunt

Freedom to... by Greta Pistaceci

Sufficiently Subversive by Mike Cooper