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Experiments; bits and bobs; old stuff; work in progress...


Year: 2018


Collage for Theremin Quartet performance of Stillness

Year: 2018

(hands pictured belong to: Alina Davies, Charlie Draper, Sam Enthoven, Greta Pistaceci


Year: 2014

Recreation of film&sound musical performance specially created for gig at Horse Improvised Music Club July 2014.
Created using found footage from the Prelinger Archives as raw material.

A Volume

Year: 2017

Mixed media - companion piece/experiment preceding the creation of A Score (2018)


Year: 2018


Year: 2014

Film, Sound, and Music improvisation performance piece created for and performed as a one-off at the Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions' event for the benefit of Resonance 104.4 FM on 15/2/14.

Film, Sound and Performance: Greta Pistaceci
Performance at event filmed by Alexander Williams

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