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I will be performing on the 6th of October with Earth Creature at Splitting The Atom L Le Phaiveaux Grande, at the Green Door Store.

Flyer below.

"Greta Pistaceci presents Stillness

To celebrate the centenary of the invention of the theremin, which falls this year, Greta Pistaceci will present a performance of her piece “Stillness” in the Braziers House, a sound art composition for theremin ensemble, as well an accompanying all-ages beginners theremin playing workshop based on Stillness.

The four thereminists to perform Stillness on this occasion are: Alex Bertram-Powell, Alina Davies, Sam Enthoven, as well as Greta herself.

Strange things happen when one aims for perfection and stillness with every fibre of one’s being: the theremin’s “imperfection” is made manifest, and its beauty revealed. This piece would not exist without this imperfection. Failure is its success."

I will be performing a solo theremin improvisation at the Horse Improvised Music Club at L'Klectic on the 11th of July.

Details in flyer below.

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