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I have been invited by the The Horse Improvised Music Club to play at the below streaming event to benefit Iklectic during the difficult months of this pandemic. This year there are several different promoters joining forces in support of iklectik so the festival will be quite varied!

The Horse Improv artists will be playing between 4pm and 6pm.

More info at links below:

Sunday 21 June – From sunrise (4.43am) till 00:43am

In 2015 IKLECTIK and The Horse Improvised Music Club organised the first Oscillations edition, a music marathon to celebrate the summer solstice. It was a memorable day: over 18 hours of non-stop music with the participation of more than 60 musicians. Before the virus outbreak we planned to repeat the event but for obvious reasons we will not be able to do so in our venue, therefore, we have decided to do it online!

The purpose of this event is to raise some funds to keep IKLECTIK alive but also to bring us all together against these difficult times.

This event is part of #SaveOurVenuescrowdfunding campaign. If you want to donate, please visit

This event is in collaboration with The Horse Improvised Music Club, Hackoustic and TOPH!

I will be performing with storyteller Laura Sampson at Lunar Dreams on the 18th of October:

Tantalisingly close, impossibly distant: the celestial bodies – the moon in particular – have flooded our imaginations since the dawn of human existence. Some of the stories that catch us most powerfully are stories of travel, exploration and discovery – the intrepid steps and giant leaps that take us to the heavens, and bring the heavens to us.

While Luke Jerram’s iconic Museum of the Moon hangs under the vaulted roof of Bloomsbury’s Holy Cross Church, join four of London’s most exciting storytellers for a multicultural voyage around the moon’s myth and folklore. The stories will be accompanied by a galaxy of soundscapes created live by four leading sound artists, featuring the unique and uncanny sound of the theremin – an instrument the sound of which Neil Armstrong took with him to the moon and back.

Immerse yourself in LUNAR DREAMS.

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