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I will be performing a solo theremin improvisation at the Horse Improvised Music Club at L'Klectic on the 11th of July.

Details in flyer below.

My sound art performance score for theremin ensemble, Stillness, is once more going to be performed - this time as part of the Lunchtime Concert hosted by Salon Des Refuses a Camden Image Gallery. The performers on this instance will be myself, Sam Enthoven and Alina Davies.

Details in flyer below.

My piece Stillness will once more be performed on the 30th of September by a specially-convened theremin quartet at APT Live, as part of the APT Open Studios events in the context of Deptford X. The quartet this time will be comprised of myself, Gordon Charlton, Alina David and Sam Enthoven. After Stillness we will be also be playing an improvisation.

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