I am proud to announce I will be taking part in the excellent Oscillations improvised music festival taking place continuously at Iklektic Art Lab during the weekend of the 19th-21st of June.

I will be perfroming on the 21st at 10pm. Full programme and list of incomparable performers below.

My piece Screamer (in a pared down TV set/headphones presentation) will be exhibited at Salon des Refusés 2015 at [SPACE] gallery as part of Sonica FM's 3-Day Sound Art Festival.

The show opens thursday 11th of June and runs until the 14th. I will also be performing a solo musical improvisation in the gallery on saturday afternoon.

I will be presenting a new video & sound improvised performance on the 16th of May at part of The I'Klectik Horse Trials, a week of music and art presented by The Horse Improvised Music Club and Iklectik Art Lab.

Programme/details for the evening are:

8.00pm Start. 8.30pm. Entry £ 8/£6

Charles Hayward (Drums/Percussion).

Greta Pistaceci (Theremin/Visuals).

Verity Susman (Tenor Sax), Sue Lynch (Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute), Richard Sanderson (Melodeon).

More details and info about other evenings of the series are available in the flyer below.