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Live & Indirect with Hákarl

After a short hiatus while Repeater Radio regrouped for a soft relaunch, the Live and Indirect sessions return at 20:00 UTC+1 on 25 June 2023, featuring Hákarl, Drift of Signifieds, Greta Pistaceci and Dan Powell : The Crayons for Gaps Session.

Hákarl is the solo project of Ke'v Nickells - musician / writer / programmer / other of Brighton, UK. He says "Thanks to a natter with Matt of MC Guitars, he recently acquired a fretless guitar. Thanks to scratching a scabby itch, he also recently acquired a digital tanpura. Thanks to insufficient cables, he would record music in concert with the tanpur but leave no drone on the recordings. Therefore, this session is the result of inviting some fine electronic musicians to colour in the missing parts - re-adding the missing drone."

Photo: Agata Urbaniak

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