• Hákarl (24)

    "From 1700 on the 29th July 2017 to 1700 on the 30th July 2017,

    and a retinue of some of the finest racketeers will be descending upon Brighton's Rose Hill tavern. The plan is to play continuously for 24 hours - all players committed to being in the same space for a full day.

    While there's nothing approximating instructions per se, there are a couple of ground rules - no looping and no cycling of members. Due to neighbourly considerations, the performance will be acoustic between 2300-1100 hours.

    The venue will be open to all for the duration of the performance but note that access will be restricted after hours - anyone wanting to watch in the wee small hours will have to text a number so one of our highly-trained, crack security guards can let them in. This information will be here and on website closer to the time.

    Hákarl has done a few of these long performances in the past - a 36 hour performance with bangthebore & affiliates in 2011 (documented here: and here:, and a few 12 hour 'long half days' - one of which is documented here:

    Performers, devised by Hákarl and Lisa Jayne:

    Lisa Jayne of Map 71: poet, musician, part local legend.

    Sally Shakti Willow: writer, poet, performer.

    Ecka Mordecai: Manchester-based cellist, sound-artist.

    Diana Policarpo: sound-artist, percussionist, and visual artist.

    Dolly Dollycore: musician, magician, and DJ.

    Greta Pistaceci: musician, sound-artist.

    Count Adriano Fettucini, a man of many theatrical talents...

    Jules Arthur: violist, pianist, co-founder of Betabet (and, conveniently enough, co-proprieter of the venue).

    Joshua Legallienne: acoustic guitarist, sound artist

    Megan Clifton of Bloom: multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and composer.

    Myself, Hákarl."

    More details in the flyer below



  • 'Oooh' Free-Improv Festival

    I will be playing at the Oooh festival in Ragusa, Italy.

    The festival runs from the 21-23rd of July.

    More info to come.

    'Oooh' Festival Lineup:

    Miriam Siebenstädt - Sax (Germany)

    Daniele Lo Re - Guitar (Italy)

    Rick Jensen - Sax (UK)

    Trevor Brown - Sax (Australia)

    Illi Adato Sound Art - ElectroAcoustic Rig (UK)

    Salvoandrea Lucifora - Trombone (Italy)

    Paolo Bellofiore - Trumpet (Italy)

    Gabriele Arcangelo GaBa Scalici - Keyboard (Italy)

    Greta Pistaceci - Theremin (IT/UK)

    Danio Catanuto - Keyboard (IT/Spain)

    Craig Cigar Tamlin - Drums (UK)

    Norbert R. Stammberger - Sax (Germany)

    Alessandro Vicard - Double Bass (IT/Austria)

    Esad Halilovic - Drums (Serbia/Austria)

    Ulf Mengersen - Double Bass (Germany)

    Luc Houtkamp - Sax (Holland)

    Elise Lorraine - Voice (UK)

    Tommaso Vespo - Keys (Italy)

    Si Paton - Bass (UK)

    Roy Amotz - Flute (Israel)

    Antonio Longo - Drums (Italy)

    Gülşah Erol - Celo (Turkey)

    Dario Chillemi - Guitar (Italy)

    Gandolfo Pagano - Prepared Guitar (Italy)

    Fabrizio Elvetico - Electronics (Italy)

    Rossella Cangini - Voice (Italy)

    Walburga Walde - Voice (Germany)

    Antonio Aiello - Bass (Russia)

    Special Feature Sets by:

    Nero Diaspora - Gandolfo Pagano - Prepared Guitar, Fabrizio Elvetico - Electronics, Rossella Cangini - Voice

    Dush Connection featuring Trevor Brown - Max Tschida - piano

    Alessandro Vicard- duble bass & Esad Halilovic - drums

    Daytime Workshops:

    Saturday 11:30 - 13:00 - Voice Lab - Elise Lorraine

    Saturday 15:00 - 18:00 - Constellations for Artists and Performers - Illi Adato



  • RARA Festival in Palazzolo, Sicily

    I have been invited to play at the Rara Festival in Palazzolo, Sicily. More info to come.

    The Festival runs from the 27-31 July.

    Here is the lineup:

    Miriam Siebenstädt - Sax (Germany)

    Daniele Lo Re - Guitar (Italy)

    Rick Jensen - Sax (UK)

    Trevor Brown - Sax (Australia)

    Illi Adato Sound Art - ElectroAcoustic Rig (UK)

    Salvoandrea Lucifora - Trombone (Italy)

    Gabriele Arcangelo GaBa Scalici - Keyboard (Italy)

    Greta Pistaceci - Theremin (IT/UK)

    Danio Catanuto - Keyboard (IT/Spain)

    Craig Cigar Tamlin - Drums (UK)

    Norbert R. Stammberger - Sax (Germany)

    Alessandro Vicard - Double Bass (IT/Austria)

    Esad Halilovic - Drums (Serbia/Austria)

    Ulf Mengersen - Double Bass (Germany)

    Luc Houtkamp - Sax (Holland)

    Elise Lorraine - Voice (UK)

    Tommaso Vespo - Keys (Italy)

    Si Paton - Bass (UK)

    Michele Paccagnella - Guitar (Italy)

    Luisa Tucciariello - Voice (Italy)

    Roy Amotz - Flute (Israel)

    Elisabeth Flunger - Percussion (Germany)

    Edward Williams - Guitar (UK/FR)

    Fabrizio Fenu - Electronics (Italy)

    Michael Fischer - Sax (Austria)

    Stefan Nussbaumer - Electronics (Austria)

    Antonio Longo - Drums (Italy)

    Max Tschida - Piano (Austria)

    Alena Baich - Host / Narrator

    Lavinia Cascone - Movement (IT/UK)

    Maya Felixbrodt - Viola/movement (NL)

    Geerte de Koe - Violin/movement (NL)

    Antonio Aiello - Double-Bass (IT)

    Dario Chillemi - Guitar (IT)

    And More To Be Announced...



  • Horse Box Vol.1

    I am featured on two tracks of the compilation "Horse Box Vol 1."

    These two tracks are edits of a large group performance featuring Sharon Gal (voice/electronics), Sue Lynch (tenor sax), Adrian Northover(alto sax), Greta Pistaceci (theremin), Rosa Lynch-Northover/Greta Eacott (marimba/hand percussion), Rahel Kraft (electronics) , Adam Bohman (spoken word), which was recorded on 21/06/16.

    The Horse Improvised Music Club was established in March 2012, when the first in a series of gigs was held at The Horse pub in Waterloo, London SE1. The club is run by Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Hutch Demouilpied and Adrian Northover. The Horse currently programmes events at IKLECTIK.

    The compilation is available to listen to and purchase here.

    (cover artwork by Adam Bohman)



  • Silver Road Tank trio performance

    On the 21st of December I will be performing for the first time in a trio with Sharon Gal and Rahel Craft, Voice/Theremin/Voice.

    The performance will take place at the brand new converted water tank space in Silver Road, Lewisham, SE13.

    Doors 7.30 / Music from 8.30.



  • Alterations Limited Edition Box Set

    I was invited to contribute a piece of writing to the booklet included in the box set release of 4 previously unreleased recordings of the legendary improvisation group Alterations (Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack, Terry Day, David Toop).

    The box sets come highly recommended - Alterations are a truly unique group and a personal favourite of mine.

    From the Unpredictable website:

    Alterations Limited Edition Boxset

    Every boxset contains 4 previous unreleased albums of Alterations plus a booklet and 5 postcards with work of Terry Day and photographs of Gerárd Rouy. Every box is unique, designed and handmade by Blanca Regina.


    Compilation 1979-1985 / Total CD 01:05:49.08

    Live at Arts Theatre Club 1986 / Total CD 00:54:58.08

    Live at Frankfurt 1983 / Total CD 00:59:50.20

    Live at Iklectik, London 2015 / Total CD 01:04:15.17

    Sound mastering by Dave Hunt.

    Cd screenprinted covers printed by Blanca Regina



    Prologue by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina

    Where Is the Straw People? David Toop

    Into the mix by Terry Day

    Atmospheres morph by Dave Hunt

    Freedom to... by Greta Pistaceci

    Sufficiently Subversive by Mike Cooper



  • Club Integral presents "The Anthropocene"

    I have been invited to play at Club Integral tonight at the Others. I will be playing a solo improvised set, as well as a collaborative set with Zon On N.

    Full info below:

    Club Integral presents "The Anthropocene"

    Zon On N, Greta Pistaceci, Bad Punk DJs Johnny Brown & James Stephen Finn (Band of Holy Joy) plus visuals by Inga Tillere

    Compere - Howard B Triangle

    Friday 25th March

    at The Others, 6 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London N16

    Entry £5/£3

    Doors from 8.30 pm


    Zon-On-N is a long term, ocassional group collaborative association of Mario Radinovic and Howard Jacques. They create live electronic zoning and droning trance meditative exploratory improvised music. Mario Radinovic (Oscillators and multiple effects units) is a London-based musician with a keen interest in frequencies and their effect on human body and mind.

    Howard Jacques (Consumer Synthesizer Modules and electronic effects) is a musician interested in surreal terrain.

    Greta Pistaceci

    Greta Pistaceci is a multidisciplinary artist and improviser. In her musical performances, be they solo or group improvisations, she is equally at home in unrestrained noise and excess as in sparse, contemplative and controlled sound. For this low-key performance she will improvise using theremin and loops.

    Bad Punk (Resonance fm)

    Johnny Brown & James Stephen Finn of Band of Holy Joy step out of the radio studio to unleash their sonic wares on an unwary public.

    Inga Tillere.

    Inga, longtime collaborator with Johhny Brown, is a Latvian-born London-based visual artist working with photography and film.

    Your compere for the evening is Howard B. Triangle who is co-producer of The Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts for Resonance104.4FM, a London community arts radio station.



  • Performance at Minki Cheng AW16 fashion presentation

    I will be providing the live soundtrack to Minki Cheng's AW16 fashion presentation from 3-6pm on the 20th of February, as part of the London Fashion Week events.

    Details in the flyer below.

    UPDATE: a review of sorts (including photos of Minki's beautiful clothes and the truly amazing models who stood immobile for the best part of 3 hours - these girls are absolute heroes! )



  • Earth Creature at Splitting the Atom

    I will be performing with Smike Antony Bardwell in our duo Earth Creature this coming Sunday 7th of February at the Green Door Store in Brighton.

    More details in the flyer below.



  • Epsilonia

    An edited assemblage of some of my sound/music pieces will be broadcast on Epsilonia/Radio Libertaire 89.4 FM Paris on the 19th of November, as part of an 8-hour long all-night experimental music playlist curated by Andrew Page (Raxil4).

    Here is the full playilist with timings:

    00.00 - Prolonged Version - The Machine Stops (Parts I+II)

    00.30 - Legion Of Swine - Echotoplasm

    01.00 - Left Hand Cuts Off The Right - Nearly Near / Phenowatsit

    01.30 - Mark Wagner - Infinity Trance Script 33

    02.00 - Elizabeth Veldon - The Persistence Of Frost & Shadow (Part I)

    02.30 - Bioni Samp - Live @ Nova Perla Prague 2014

    03.00 - Ben Nigel Potts - Proprioception

    03.30 - VoidTM - Red Snake Convolutions

    04.00 - Postcards From The Volcano - Flanerie Sonique

    04.30 - Cementimental - Decimal Place, Lincoln (02/10/15)

    05.00 - Greta Pistaceci / Modersohn-Becker - Variations: Apple / Dancer / NOT / Crumb

    05.30 - Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Performance Rehearsal 2014

    06.00 - μ - The Island Of The Dead / Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse

    06.30 - Harmergeddon - Both Sides Of The Conversation / Peripheral Drift / Moiré / Neurokinetic / 11b Direct Sequence

    07.00 - Tasos Stamou - Musique Con Crete

    07.30 - Elbrus - Alone



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